External Power Supply

with 3 prong IEC cable

for Fireface UCX/UC/400, Multiface II, Babyface, ADI-2, ADI-4 DD and QuadMic


Power Cord Black

Locking IEC cable with V-Lock for RME 12Mic, 12Mic-D, M-32 AD Pro, M-32 DA Pro, M-32 AD Pro II, M-32 DA Pro II, M-32 AD Pro II-D, M-32 DA Pro II-D, M-1610 Pro


Internal power supplies

Internal power supplies are available for DIY repairs. See the list below for the correct model. Please note that instructions and schematics are not available, so we recommend delivering the device to a qualified electronics technician for repairs.


For ADI-192 DD, ADI-642, ADI-648, ADI-6432, ADI-8 DD, MADI Bridge and MADI Converter.



For ADI-8 DS, ADI-8 DS Broadcast and ADI-8 Pro.



For ADI-8 DS MKIII, ADI-8 QS, Fireface UFX/800/802 and Octamic II.



For Micstasy.



For M-16 AD/DA and M-32 AD/DA (not M-32 Pro).



For Fireface UFX+ and UFX II.



External DC power supply with grounded plug
For MADIface XT, QuadMic II, Babyface Pro/FS, ADI-2 Pro, ADI-2 Pro FS, ADI-2 PRO AE, ADI-2 PRO BE, ADI-2 DAC, ADI-2 Pro FS (R) BE, AVB Tool, Digiface Dante, Digiface Ravenna, Digiface AES, Fireface UCX II, 12Mic & 12Mic-D