NOW INCLUDED Ozone 10 Elements

Creating a professional master is now accessible for everyone with the brand new Ozone 10 Elements, delivering an easy all-in-one mastering tool at an affordable package. Achieve the sound of chart-topping hits or your favorite reference file using groundbreaking matching technology for tone, dynamics, and width with the updated Master Assistant. Easily customize the processing suggestions to your liking with the updated Assistant View and work faster with native Apple silicon support. Start your mastering journey today and get your music ready for primetime.


True Sound Studio RME Drum Sample Pack

The True Sound Drum Sample pack has been recorded by Ryan Wiesner of True Sound Studios using the RME BabyFace Pro.  This unique pack only available with the Premium Plug in Bundle was recorded at indoor and outdoor locations such as reverb lush grain silos, waterfront, garage, and studio rooms.

The Samples include Kick, Snare, Toms, Rims and Hi Hats along with Percussion to make your recordings truly unique and with premium sound quality. The zip file of the samples will be included with the download codes for the bundle when registration is submitted.

Check out the recording process and locations video!


RME Interfaces - Equipped with Premium Plug-ins*

*North & South American Customers Only.
Effective July 1, 2020 this promotion applies to all RME interfaces
(Babyface Pro FS, Fireface, Digiface, MADIface Series & Soundcards).
Interfaces must have been purchased on or after July 1, 2020.

RME teamed with S-Gear, state-of-the-art software guitar amplification by Scuffham Amps, to offer its software free-of-charge (a $129 USD value) with the purchase of an RME Interface and Soundcard. Ideal for guitarists of all levels, the bundle provides players with a virtually unlimited variety of sounds and effects in an ultra-portable setup for both home recording and live performance.

Created by former Marshall Amplification product designer Mike Scuffham, S-Gear’s highly regarded, ultra-flexible guitar amplification software can be used as a standalone application or as a plug-in for DAW recording software. Compatible with both PC and Mac, S-Gear employs sophisticated tube amp modeling algorithms to deliver highly authentic guitar amp sounds with a natural feel.

Additionally, users will also have free access to the full, unlimited versions of Plugin Alliance’s Brainworx BX Opto and Brainworx BX Masterdesk plug-ins. Users will also receive trial versions of Pianoteq 6 by Modartt and the Blue 3 Organ by GG Audio.

Rounding out the added offerings, customers will receive a free 14-day, full version of Gig Performer. After which, a special VIP offer applies.

Included Premium Plug-ins:

Ozone 10 Elements



S-Gear Amp Simulation Software

Brainworx BX Opto Compressor

Brainworx BX Masterdesk

Gig Performer

Modartt Pianoteq 6

GG Audio Blue 3

Tape It - App for songwriting & audio recording

RME Interfaces - Equipped with Premium Plug-ins

The virtually unlimited variety of sounds and effects combined with class-leading Interfaces from RME Audio.

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