Introducing the new Digiface Ravenna

Digiface Ravenna

RME Audio and DirectOut have announced the new Digiface Ravenna, a mobile audio interface based on the design of RME’s popular Digiface Dante, and featuring a RAVENNA module developed by DirectOut!

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Why You Don't Need Thunderbolt For Professional Audio

Thunderbolt or RME USB

The subject of which data transfer protocol is most suitable for audio interfaces is an ongoing one. With computer technology in a constant state of change, it can be difficult to predict which format will be permanently adopted.

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RME Audio TotalMix FX Beginner's Guide

Check out the latest videos for our RME Audio TotalMix FX Beginner's Guide. Four new episodes will explain features like channel groups, adding FX, free vs. submix mode and settings for mono and stereo channels within TotalMix FX.

TotalMix FX - Routing and mixing for RME Audio Interfaces

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Latest Driver Updates

09/29/2022 macOS 10.12 up to 10.15 driver for Digiface AVB and Dante

09/29/2022 macOS 10.12 up to 10.15 driver for Fireface UFX / UFX+ / UFX II, 802, UCX, UCX II, UC, Babyface, Babyface Pro, MADIface XT/USB/Pro

09/29/2022 macOS 11/12 USB Series Driver

09/13/2022 WAV File Batch Processor V 1.31 Mac

09/13/2022 WAV File Batch Processor V 1.31 Windows

09/13/2022 Windows 7 to 11 PnP driver for MADIface XT / USB / Pro, Fireface UFX+ / UFX II, OctaMic XTC, ADI-2 Pro/AE/FS/DAC, ADI-2/4 Pro, Digiface USB / Dante / Ravenna

Babyface Pro FS & Fireface Series - Equipped with Premium Plug-ins

The virtually unlimited variety of sounds and effects combined with class-leading Interfaces from RME Audio.


Fireface UCX II Unboxing & Review - Paul Vnuk Jr. Recording Magazine

Recording Magazine review

Recording Magazine editor Paul Vnuk Jr, unboxes and reviews the new RME Fireface, the UCXII. Paul uses DUREC to record a jazz duo and you can watch it all happen here.

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RME Audio 12Mic - The Essential Tool for Creative Workflow

Recording Magazine review

Learn about Frank Klepacki's recording setup for working faster and smarter with amazing sound quality using the RME 12Mic.

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Artists // Case Study

RME Devices for Kane Brown Tracks Playback

"Nashville based FOH and Monitor Engineer, David Loy has mixed for Kane Brown since stepping into the FOH role in early 2017.

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Case Study

“Recording the renowned drummer Kuniko” - Drummer to Percussionist

Kuniko is one of the world’s leading percussion virtuosos from Japan.

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ADI-2 Converter Series Comparison

Find out more about the difference between the ADI-2 Series on this page.

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Tech Info

Livestreams with OBS under macOS

Find out how to setup your RME Audio Interface for Live streaming with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) in combination with TotalMix FX.

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